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Saturday, January 14, 2012

College Life ---> Ends

My college life had officially comes to an ends... No more big little stress on assignments, presentations, mid-term test & exams! Study hard almost 4years for Diploma & Advanced Diploma~ Those happiness & sadness, homesick's daysss in Kampar ... Such a long journey until today, quite tough but I did grow much to become more independent as I far far away left from ma family members & home!

I'm so grateful to Kampar for gave me such a nice place to end ma entire college life~ By da way, Kampar is really a suitable place for students to live for study, it's environment is pretty nice to without not much of entertainments, living expenses is damn low too! And yet you'll still be able to buy tasty Chicken Rice @RM3 =]

Anyway, I'll always be missing & never be forget ma Advanced's classmates~ Although we all are not that closed to each & other, not much talking in class but we're just nice to be Advanced students of 2010/2011 >.<

 ~Group Photo with Mr.Sharma who is da most famous lecture in our AHT group~ 
My Advanced Diploma Student ID ;-) Hee!

Below are pictures taken in Tar College (Perak Branch) with wearing our AHT Class T:
 @Lecture Hall    Say~ 1,2,3 Kim-chiiii~ ^o^

Photo taken on our last lesson of Entrepreneur's lecture class with Miss Queeniee... ^_^

 AHT's gals always rockss! \(^0^)/

With da most Funnie gals, Yik Shan & Me Yin =D

Me & Stella Ng =)

 Ma always Good Partner, yam cha & lunch kaki~ K-pop chingu!

With Mr.Kumaran & Kim Hing san

tHE Ms.Queenie so-called "never talk @quiet" group, four of them are actually nice to talk with... ^Q^

~Joey Chong~ We both have something in common - Love Snoopy~! =P

With Eve@Wah wah =))

With Jane, Kevin, Camie & Sin Lin, we LOVE to hang out together always 
[Yam Cha at least once in a week time] ^Q^

With Mr. Carlson from Kampar & Mr. Ngu from Sibu, LOL! =D

fOUR of ussss : Assignments group members ;-) 


A Memory time that cannot be erase:

Lots of Lovesss ~♥♥~

Thankiuuu, Sir for da lovely lunch meal! =)) [Photo edited by Jane]

Result will be release on 3rd Feb, Hoping everyone of us get pass on all the subjects taken & able to proceed our Summer Semester Pro gramme in UK, Liverpool John Moores University on this year end of May. =]

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year 2012 =]

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012, Everyone!  \(^o^)/

♡ Year 2011 has come to an End! I'm praying hard & hoping for better days in 2012~ I want a wonderful new year ahead! I'm here wishing everyone of my friends & family to be healthy, wealthy, happiness, pretty & handsome in 2012!!! 

8 more days to go for me to back to Sandakan Town! *^_^*
All the best in my last 2 exam papers which is also my last examination in life...~ !!!Hwaiting!!! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello! I'm Back~

Wow! It's been a long time din have update my blog... Hehe...! Looking back my previous post was in November 2010~ LOL! Almost half and a year.. >.<

Currently am busying with assignments and mid-term test... Final exam also will be coming sOon! No entertainments, no outings, no fun, no good time to hang out with friends during this period of time. Really it's time to concentrate on my study as I'm not satisfied with my CC mid-term test result. Always blame-ing myself for not being serious, love to sleep as much as I can, obsessed with the Korean drama & movies, especially 'WGM'!!!  Never ever touch all the lecture notes after school... Day-dreaming for few hours alone in hostel... Had wasted so much of precious timessss! Crazyyy...~

Getting older and older.... can't believe that I'm now 22 years old! Aigooo...I'm still searching for somebody to love! Single for almost 4 years aldy~ I want somebody to rely on~! At least when I'm sad, he can lend me a shoulder~ Someone that I can always talk with... Sharing my good or bad news... Make Surprise... Romantic lifes will be goes on...etc HAHA! See, this is the effect of watching too much drama & Korean shows... STOP! I should come back!!! =D

But, think twice maybe this is good for me for still being single or a loner as I'm still studying! I feel its enough for me now to have all my friends, sisters and family that always can brightens up my life~ I love friends for always bringing jokes in life~ I love my family the most for always care about my everything! Sisters for gossip-ing, shopping, eating.... My ex-course-mate, Mai had came to Kampar last week during her off dayss! She was all the long journey from Singapore... We really long time no see & chat!
Below are some of our outing pictures, I had a good time with her & Khey in Ipoh: =))

Thanks for your delicious Chocolates Birthday Cake! 
I <3 Chocolatesss... ;)

My lovely Chingu ;-)

Mai, will miss you a lots here with Khey! 
Wait for the day that we gather in Singapore,
Keep in touch yo! ^^v
Have to stop here, tomorrow is my presentation day and coming Wednesday have a mid-term test! 
Kinda stressed-out now... 
Hope everything will run smoothly~
Keep the Faith!!! 
Start countdown-ing days to back home on twitter : 43 days to go  =D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


属蛇的人性格很奇怪,有时候超爱说话,有时候可以一天不说话,高兴的时候,会拼命的说话, 不高兴的时候,一句话也不说. 
属蛇的把真实的自己藏于半夜的寂静和午夜明朗的笑声中.  属蛇的最注重的就是安全感.希望被保护,却常常是一个人. 属蛇的不容易爱上一个人,但一旦爱上便很难自拔。一旦受伤,总是被伤的很深。只有几个贴心朋友

属蛇的是个很爱撒娇的孩子、总是很依赖别人. 属蛇的喜欢海,喜欢顾影自怜.喜欢自己舔伤口. 属蛇的性格很古怪而又孤僻,他们会突然在大笑中沉默,感觉悲伤. 属蛇的心里想什么从来不说. 别人也猜不到. 属蛇的嘴上说不在乎、心里却早已悲凉、心里的那把火早已熄灭 .

属蛇的选择了沉默、不在像以前那样挚热的去追求某样东西 . 属蛇的总是很爱回忆、回忆以前的点点滴滴、以前的大小事只是默默的想着.  属蛇的座的人天生敏锐,与生具备的第六感,对人的内心有超乎寻常的洞察力,但狮子座的人会把这些东西放在心里,狮子座的人可以把你的眼神、内心看得很清 楚,但却不会告诉你,他用旁观的态度判定虚伪 . 属蛇的人不懂甜言蜜语,不屑拍马屁 .  属蛇的人本能的排斥虚伪和做作的人 .

属蛇的人不会真的发火,就算生 气,也很快忘记! 属蛇的人只对真正懂他的人,展示他的创造性,他的情绪他变得冷淡就证明他开始对你重新审视, 当他越是沉默,就代表他越是生气 . 属蛇的人可能看起来很凶,其实内心是最柔软的 .  属蛇的人看起来很冷淡,但那只是保护自己的方法 . 属蛇的人很重视友情,但被伤害后绝对不再友善 .

属蛇的人很容易被感动,但感动中又保有理智 . 属蛇的人可能看起来很坚强,其实是最脆弱的.属蛇的人可能很爱哭,但他的哭并不代表认输 . 属蛇的人可能看起来很笨,其实大智若愚 .

       属蛇的人可能做事很毛躁,但内心很细心 . 属蛇的人天生敏感和细腻, 却会用心鉴定 .

       属蛇的懦弱,受了伤之后,只知道躲在无人的地方独自哭泣 .



       属蛇的眼泪,从不轻易让人看见,他的泪,从来只有她知道,只是,谁又知道,在巨蟹的笑脸背后,埋藏的是深深的悲伤,笑的越开心, 伤的越深 .

       属蛇的退缩, 属蛇的,永远不会轻易说爱或者喜欢,除非真的喜欢到了极点,否则,要巨蟹座表白几乎不可能,但是,一旦表白,巨蟹座就是不遗余力的付出,即使知道这样做换来的结果可能是深深的伤害…

        属蛇的,永远只可能做同一件事两次,表白也一样,同一个人,只可能听到巨蟹向你最深的表白两次,两次之后,就是绝对的安静了…即使仍然深爱着,巨蟹也没有勇气再说第三遍我爱你…巨蟹的退缩,不能重复一件事第三次 .


         受了伤的 属蛇的,只会在角落独自忍受锥心的痛.



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Masarap @ Filipino Cuisine

I found some pictures in my laptop which i din upload for long time! After viewed those pictures, I really hope to dine again in Masarap. Masarap, the one and only Filipino Cuisine in Sandakan! This restaurant is located in Bandar Indah. I still remember i had a dinner at Masarap during my last sem-break which is on Mother's day with my family! That time i was the first time found that Filipino Cuisine is so delicious~ YUM YUM! =)))

Garlic Rice~... I like the Avacado juice the most! 

Grilled Fish... Nice nice nice!!!

This is quite famous in Masarap!~ "猪手"

yummy~~~! I love this too! Forgot the name~ hiek hiek! ;)

I tell you!, this is very delicious! Triple like~ this dessert is the special of the day, & FOC, because 'Mama day' mahh.. =D

Hope to try those foods again before i go back to Kampar eh, but quite expensive...! Im now broke! I must find one day ask dad to spend me...! Hahahahahas~~~~