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Saturday, January 14, 2012

College Life ---> Ends

My college life had officially comes to an ends... No more big little stress on assignments, presentations, mid-term test & exams! Study hard almost 4years for Diploma & Advanced Diploma~ Those happiness & sadness, homesick's daysss in Kampar ... Such a long journey until today, quite tough but I did grow much to become more independent as I far far away left from ma family members & home!

I'm so grateful to Kampar for gave me such a nice place to end ma entire college life~ By da way, Kampar is really a suitable place for students to live for study, it's environment is pretty nice to without not much of entertainments, living expenses is damn low too! And yet you'll still be able to buy tasty Chicken Rice @RM3 =]

Anyway, I'll always be missing & never be forget ma Advanced's classmates~ Although we all are not that closed to each & other, not much talking in class but we're just nice to be Advanced students of 2010/2011 >.<

 ~Group Photo with Mr.Sharma who is da most famous lecture in our AHT group~ 
My Advanced Diploma Student ID ;-) Hee!

Below are pictures taken in Tar College (Perak Branch) with wearing our AHT Class T:
 @Lecture Hall    Say~ 1,2,3 Kim-chiiii~ ^o^

Photo taken on our last lesson of Entrepreneur's lecture class with Miss Queeniee... ^_^

 AHT's gals always rockss! \(^0^)/

With da most Funnie gals, Yik Shan & Me Yin =D

Me & Stella Ng =)

 Ma always Good Partner, yam cha & lunch kaki~ K-pop chingu!

With Mr.Kumaran & Kim Hing san

tHE Ms.Queenie so-called "never talk @quiet" group, four of them are actually nice to talk with... ^Q^

~Joey Chong~ We both have something in common - Love Snoopy~! =P

With Eve@Wah wah =))

With Jane, Kevin, Camie & Sin Lin, we LOVE to hang out together always 
[Yam Cha at least once in a week time] ^Q^

With Mr. Carlson from Kampar & Mr. Ngu from Sibu, LOL! =D

fOUR of ussss : Assignments group members ;-) 


A Memory time that cannot be erase:

Lots of Lovesss ~♥♥~

Thankiuuu, Sir for da lovely lunch meal! =)) [Photo edited by Jane]

Result will be release on 3rd Feb, Hoping everyone of us get pass on all the subjects taken & able to proceed our Summer Semester Pro gramme in UK, Liverpool John Moores University on this year end of May. =]

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